The first UK company in Japan breaking now ground on a prestigious new project. Also Working on a massive infastructure project in the Middle East


DIGITAL MAPPING AND SURVEY 25 years experience. Big in Japan and the Middle East.


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High accuracy 3D models, volumetric

calculations and topographic surveys for whole

quarries or stockpiles. Safer, more up to date and much more cost effective.

Pre build assessments, continuous updates and post construction comparisons. Our UAV brings new levels of information not acheivable


3D vidoes and close up shots of each hole are perfect for marketing. For those designing and building courses, high accuracy topo surveys and DEMs are equally as important. We deliver a  cost effective way of achieving these.

In addition to the habitat maps, environmental monitoring and mapping, DM&S produce viewsheds for wind farm assesments, classifications and analysis of aerial imagery.

High accuracy aerial imagery for precision farming and maximising crop yields using the Near Infrared camera.

DM&S deliver a cost effective method of updating forest stocks, mapping recently damaged areas and potential plantation sites. With such high resolution it can also be used for disease identification.

An accurate and cost effective alternative to manual measurements, with the advantage of producing quality ortho-photos and 3D models of an excavation.

High quality photos of properties to increase its abiility to sell. Also perfect for property boundary mapping and area calculation

viewshed NIR IMG_5293a