The first UK company in Japan breaking now ground on a prestigious new project. Also Working on a massive infastructure project in the Middle East


DIGITAL MAPPING AND SURVEY 25 years experience. Big in Japan and the Middle East.


  • Are you fully licenced to fly in the UK?

            Yes, Digital Mapping and Survey our fully licenced with the UK Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial aerial flights.


  • What area can you cover in one flight?

            This is dependent on several factors including altitude flown site layout, but typically at a ground resolution of 4 cm/pixel, one flight covers up            

            to 1 square km (100 ha).


  • What area can you cover in a day?

            We have to factor in site specifics, i.e. if the sites are all in the same area, are there lots of little sites, but it is possible to cover around 800ha      

            in a day.


  • What part of the coutry do you cover?

            We are based in the South West but cover the whole of the UK and abroad