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By Kevin Saunders, May 7 2014 04:49PM

Digital Mapping and Survey with partners Landscope Engineering have been working on several exiting projects using DM&S UAV technology and Landscopes mobile laser scanner. The results have been very impressive. The use of advanced technology has allowed clients to receive accurate, cost effective, visibly impressive data not easily available before. This surface model is one example.

In one day a large area was surveyed to very high accuracy. Potential the UAV could cover up to 7 square km in one day

A similar project lead by Landscope at a military training area provided the client with high resolution geo rectified ortho imagery, a ground and surface model which included the ground model in some rather heavy forested areas. The client as always was very impressed.

High resolution Surface model
High resolution Surface model
High resolution orthophoto imagery
High resolution orthophoto imagery

By Kevin Saunders, Sep 30 2013 04:01PM

Since my last update on what DM&S have been up to, it's safe to say we've been working globally! Covering the UK we've been from Cornwall to Edinburgh, from golf courses to national parks. Further afield, DM&S have again been lucky enough to travel to West Africa five times this year working on mining and utility projects.

With more trips planned for the rest of the year and into 2014, please get in touch if you have any potential global projects.

By Kevin Saunders, Sep 30 2013 03:52PM

Apologies for the lack of updates, fortunately for us it's because we've been busy!

DM&S have upgraded and acquired some new UAVs. I guess you could say we now have a fleet of UAVs! As a result, we have a greater capacity to fly more frequently and in more more weather conditions.

By Kevin Saunders, Mar 11 2013 11:52AM

After successfully winning a contract to map some of Yorkshire's peat upland areas, we've been flat out flying the sites over the last few weeks. Working with the Yorkshire Peat Partnership, the aim is to provide NIR aerial mapping to identify vegetation more clearly and also Digital Surface Models for the hyrdaulic modelling process. This will help YPP to contain the peat from washing away into the watercourse.