The first UK company in Japan breaking now ground on a prestigious new project. Also Working on a massive infastructure project in the Middle East


DIGITAL MAPPING AND SURVEY 25 years experience. Big in Japan and the Middle East.

UAV Services: UK, Europe and Worldwide

Digital Mapping and Survey offer a complete solution in providing high quality, accurate aerial data predominantly in the UK but also cover europe and Africa. We are fully licensed for flying the UAV in the UK and have expertise in managing the data so it works with your mapping system. We also provide consultancy, data analysis or printed photos and maps.


Our services and solutions are perfect for data acquisition of small to medium sized land areas in many applications including government or local authorities, engineering and construction projects, environmental monitoring and assessments, agriculture, sports and recreation, real estate and quarries.

Service Costs

Our costs are based on several factors including the area of the site, number of sites, level of accuracy and products required, therefore we recommend a quick phone call to understand your requirements. Using a UAS we are a more cost effective solution that traditional aerial mapping methods with a quicker turnaround.

  • Orthorectified

  • Geo-Referenced

  • High Resolution

  • Cost Effective

  • Repeatable

  • Safe to Fly

  • Volume Calculations

  • Digital Elevations Models

  • GIS Integration

  • Multiple formats - Tif, jpg, DXF, txt, xyz, ascii, shp, kml plus many more

Flying our UAV at low altitudes with its onboard, high resolution camera we can achieve aerial imagery with

2 - 5 cm resolution. With our specialist software and photogrammetry expertise, the images we produce are orthorectified and geo-referenced.

Aerial Mapping

Producing geo-referenced data means we can integrate it into GIS software for accurate mapping. Our years of GIS experience allow us to provide value added services including GIS analysis, volume calculations, area calculations and 3D visualisations.

GIS Integration

Using a combination of the DEM and aerial images, we can accurately produce topographic survey data to <10cm We also can provide a wide range of services with our Partners Landscope Engineering

Topographic Survey

Using our specialist software and photogrammetry expertise, we are able to create Digital Elevation Models with accuracies up to 6cm RMS. To achieve such high accuracies we use a 1cm GPS system for ground control points.


UAV Benefits

A380 Landscope title